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Reasons Why Budgeting Is A Great Thing To Do

If there is one thing that we do on a regular basis being a grown-up individual, then that is spending a lot of money for different purposes. It could be necessaries or luxuries, either way, we spend a lot of money. As the money comes in we set to rest only after spending the whole of it and being broke. When it comes to reckless spending, all of us know how it works, and we are all victims of it. However, budgeting the expenses in advance can redeem us from the plight of being broke. Despite knowing it, we always fail to keep a budget. So here are some of the reasons as to why budgeting is a great thing to do.

You will never feel abandoned:

If you are living on your own, then there are good chances that you know what it feels to have no money and that there is not one person you can go up to. You will always feel abandoned when you have lost track of the money that you have, and there are still 10 good days for your salary to be credited. These 10 days can pain as bad as hell. In the event that you have a monthly budget, you will not feel lost and broke.

Helps you to save:

Budgets will give you a better idea of how the month lying in front of you will shape, and that is the reason why you will not have an unwanted or surprise expenses unless need calls for. Apart from that, a budget will keep you guarded, and you will know when and where you will have to spend without wasting a lot of money. You will be motivated enough to save a lot of money that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

Meet the contingencies:

This is probably a continuation of what we saw ahead. In the event that you meet up with a contingent expense that was not a part of your budget and you least expected it then there are good chances that you need funds, and you can always crash the piggy bank and put the savings to use. This way you need not have to worry about where and how you will meet those sudden expenses.

Make better investments:

In most cases when you are independent and learning to manage your own budget, the things that you will always want to skip is a good investment plan, we always feel too young to handle all of it by our own. When you have a well-established budget, you will have a clear idea of how much money you will have in hand and thereby you will also learn to put them in the right form of investments. Investing in pockets that can give you good ROI is a great sign of successful independent living.

Is Bitcoin a Safe Investment?

Bitcoin is an electronic currency that is marketed to be safe and secure. Is that really true?

Bitcoin is developed over the blockchain concept which is to have a decentralized network and to have a ledger of all the transactions ever made on the network. This is what makes the network safe and secure.  Since Bitcoin does not exist physically but electronically and there is no one to adjudicate the transaction and its value it can be manipulated, unlike real currency. This is one of the main arguments against bitcoins but this is NOT TRUE.

The ledger that we mentioned previously is the reason why. The ledger contains a record of all valid transactions ever taken place on the network. Once a transaction request is received, special nodes or points on the network called miners check the validity of the request. The bitcoin protocol checks the transaction to see if the sender has the amount he is sending, it also checks if both the addresses are valid and also checks a few other things to make sure nothing underhanded is happening. This also eliminates what is called the double-spending problem. For example, you have $100. You give $100 to friend A. But you duplicate your money before you give it. Now you give this $100 to friend B. You initially had $100 but you gave away $200. This is the double spending problem. The blockchain is used to nullify this problem as all valid transactions are recorded there. Therefore duplicating bitcoins is next to impossible in this system.

Now we know bitcoin is safe and secure. The next question is whether bitcoin is a safe investment. We are not financial experts so you should do your research on the safety of investments. It is your money in the end that you could, potentially, lose. But in our research bitcoin investment is generally safe if you are careful and a little bit lucky. Since Bitcoin does not have an infinite supply (capped at 21 million BTC) like other currencies it should be more valuable, right? Well, technically its price is determined by buyers and sellers buying and selling bitcoin on a specific market not wholly on its rarity and utility. Therefore different markets have different prices. Also, there was the huge spike in price in the last year because more and more people got to know about bitcoin and its price went up because they all wanted to own bitcoin. Now if they decide they don’t want bitcoin anymore, its price will plummet. This is starting to look a whole lot like stock exchange in the sense of its volatility if nothing else. So again it’s safe as long as you know what you are doing. Also, it is always important to remember to never invest more than you can afford to lose. This way you are still financially secure even if things don’t go your way.

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